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Every Medical School is different. From their curriculum, location, clinical education, fees and so forth. Before you start your application, make sure you do your research by visiting the 'Medical Schools' page and familiarizing yourself with the schools. Have any specific questions? Reach out to an admissions officer or attend an upcoming information seminar. Be Informed. Get Educated. Get In!

Applying to Medical School can be overwhelming. But that's why we've made the application process as simple as possible. Start your journey here by completing your universal medical school application. Once you're satisfied, decide how many schools you'd like to apply to and hit 'APPLY'. Admissions officers will be notified of your application and can review it before a decision is made. All the best!

Through the UMCAS platform, you'll be able to communicate with admissions officers regarding the status of your application. From setting up interviews, to receiving ACCEPTANCE letters, you can monitor and track your application progress from every school you've applied to. During this time, if individual schools request additional information you can upload them to your dashboard too!

Congratulations! You've been ACCEPTED! Your dreams are finally coming true. If this happens to be the outcome of our universal application, then you can start packing your bags and prep for your first day of class. However, if you don't receive any offers, don't be discouraged. Visit our 'Help Me' section for ways to strengthen your universal application. And then, APPLY AGAIN!

Your Application Dashboard

It all starts here. Your Universal Application Dashboard.

Applying to medical school should be a simple process. Since every school requests different information, we decided to pool the most commonly asked questions to create a universal application form; one that most medical schools will appreciate. Plus, with the ability to simply upload all the required documents like school transcripts, personal statements and letters of recommendation, admission officers will LOVE IT! 
And Now, you can upload an optional admission video (for that personal touch).

Participating Medical Schools

  • Saint James School of Medicine

  • Xavier University School of Medicine

  • Caribbean Medical University

  • St. Martinus University

  • All American Institute of Medical Sciences

  • International University of the Health Sciences

  • International American University

  • American University of St. Vincent School of Medicine

  • Trinity School of Medicine

  • American University of Integrative Sciences, St. Maarten School of Medicine

  • All Saints University School of Medicine

  • All Saints University College of Medicine

  • Washington University of Health & Science

Medical School Spotlight

All Saints University

Commonwealth of Dominica

All Saints University is committed to providing high quality education leading to a Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree on the beautiful island of the Commonwealth of Dominica. The University strives to produce broadly and thoroughly educated graduates who realize that the medical profession is not simply a trade to be learned but that it denotes a sense of social responsibility. All Saints University seeks applicants with demonstrated strong drive and desire to succeed and who are able to focus on the compassionate and the humanitarian aspects of the medical profession. 

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